• Designers
    We are currently looking to expand our pool of freelance designers, so we are running a competition.
    A number of winners will be chosen, and their designs will be made into samples, for our new range.

    The winning designers will:
    • Have their designs showcased on our website
    • Have their designs made into samples
    • Receive a commission on all garments sold
    • Have potential for future freelance design work with E2
    • Receive samples of their designs

    This offers new designers a chance to get in the door in the highly competitive fashion industry, and an opportunity for more experienced designers to add yet another string to their bow, as their designs are made into samples, showcased, shown to retailers, and ultimately sold on the high streets around Europe.

    • The closing date for entries is Friday 25 October, 2013
    • Entries will be via email
    • Details of the specifications for designs and the competition terms may be found here
  • Photographers
    Aspiring fashion photographers - this is for you!